Oversize Load Trucking in Houston

BFT Trucking LLC is a specialist in the world of flatbed trucking in the Houston area and beyond. We provide comprehensive transport services for oversized loads. Our dedicated team has a specialized fleet, cranes, and equipment to handle your freight. Whatever equipment or supplies you need to be moved, we have a transport solution for you.

For permit management, route planning, and safe transportation practices, contact us at (713) 485-6900.

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Wide Load Trucking Company

Many companies oversee the manufacturing and product line of freight that exceeds the standard legal weight and size limits of major roads and highways. For these companies, BFT Trucking LLC is the first-choice carrier to find a practical shipping solution at an affordable price.

As a full-service trucking company that specializes in wide loads, we have all the necessary permits to haul your enterprise’s heavy and large commodities, from heavy-duty machines to industrial building materials.

Some examples of the freight we’ve hauled are:

  • Generators
  • Tanks
  • Tractors
  • Commercial equipment
  • And more

We’re experts in regional flatbed trailer limits. Our drivers are incredibly well-versed in all weight restrictions and dimension regulations. Plus, our well-established company has connections in every jurisdiction to stay abreast of all new clearance warnings and protocols.

Rest assured, knowing we’ll handle your freight in an efficient and compliant manner, every time.

Sizeable Fleet for Oversize Freight

Our fleet is equipped with every necessary safety precaution to carry wide loads. For example, our trailers have commercial-grade amber lights to ensure maximum visibility while on the road. We regularly maintain our fleet to be 100% confident that our machinery is up to code on every trip.

What’s more, we have many pilot cars in our fleet with all appropriate identification to escort our heavy-duty trucks along the way. These cars are maintained with the same diligence and care. Plus, we’ve equipped them with state-of-the-art radio communication technology so that our drivers can maintain crystal-clear communication throughout their journey.

Our pilot car operators are the best in the business, with ample experience in performing route surveys, acting as flaggers, and ensuring the load is compliant across all distances.

Reliable Delivery Times

We recognize that our customers’ profitability depends on timely freight delivery. That’s why we simply don’t accept late deliveries. We have extensive experience working within narrow delivery windows. You can rely on us to plan and execute your shipment to a tee, to arrive on time, every time.

Upfront Wide Load Trucking Quotes

Give us a call, and we’d be happy to put together a no-obligation quote for you based on the specific requirements of your cargo. Our friendly administrative staff will work with you collaboratively to organize the most economical route and plan your shipment pick-up and drop-off points.

The cost of our transportation services will vary depending on these criteria:

  • Commodity
  • Origin
  • Destination
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Equipment/permit required

In all cases, we work tirelessly to streamline transport operations by eliminating redundancies and increasing efficiency. That way, we can maximize cost savings and give you the most competitive rates possible.

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Long, tall, wide, or heavy—BFT Trucking LLC has the skills and resources to haul your oversized cargo. Our clients appreciate our dedication to compliant work, stellar customer service, and unbeatable price points.

Get in touch with our Houston office today to request your no-obligation quote.